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March 21, 2012



Recently I came across a collection of crash scene pictures from the Swiss photographer Arnold Odermatt.  Odermatt worked with the Swiss police from 1948 through 1990 photographing car accident scenes, almost entirely in black and white.  The images he produced were often quite eerie.  This stark beauty transcended the fact that his official job was […]

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The Fastest Yellow and Red

March 20, 2012



While ingesting my daily dose of Youtube car clips, I ended up in Japanese VW world.  And somehow ended up on this awesome, epic, somehow gritty stop motion short film done entirely with army men and die cast cars. I cannot even imagine how long this must have taken.   Surely it took dozens of hours […]

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The Great Race Track in The Sky

March 10, 2012



This post is part of Hollywood Over Comet’s blogathon, Gone Too Soon.  I haven’t blogged in over 6 months but Jessica, my girlfriend and author of COH, sort of twisted my arm into writing something for her blogathon. So here we are, writing about classic film on a car blog.  Thankfully the topic for her […]

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Car Spotting: C63 AMG

June 29, 2011


0628111344 copy

Spotted this nice C63 AMG yesterday.  Appears to be stock, but nice all the same.  Big fan of the newer AMG’s-the 6.3 in the C is a real animal: Check this video of a modded 63 waxing a modded E92 M3 for some large displacement AMG fun

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Car Spotting: E30 with “M Paint”

June 24, 2011


0623111251 copy

Starting off the car spotting with this BMW. I spotted this flamboyantly painted E30 325is today while at lunch.  Since the paint job was so ridiculous, I decided to do an equally ridiculous photoshop job of the photo. In the background you can see an E30 M3 on a trailer.  The M3 looks to be […]

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