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The Fastest Yellow and Red

March 20, 2012


While ingesting my daily dose of Youtube car clips, I ended up in Japanese VW world.  And somehow ended up on this awesome, epic, somehow gritty stop motion short film done entirely with army men and die cast cars. I cannot even imagine how long this must have taken.   Surely it took dozens of hours […]

The Great Race Track in The Sky

March 10, 2012


This post is part of Hollywood Over Comet’s blogathon, Gone Too Soon.  I haven’t blogged in over 6 months but Jessica, my girlfriend and author of COH, sort of twisted my arm into writing something for her blogathon. So here we are, writing about classic film on a car blog.  Thankfully the topic for her […]

Car Spotting: C63 AMG

June 29, 2011


Spotted this nice C63 AMG yesterday.  Appears to be stock, but nice all the same.  Big fan of the newer AMG’s-the 6.3 in the C is a real animal: Check this video of a modded 63 waxing a modded E92 M3 for some large displacement AMG fun

Car Spotting: E30 with “M Paint”

June 24, 2011


Starting off the car spotting with this BMW. I spotted this flamboyantly painted E30 325is today while at lunch.  Since the paint job was so ridiculous, I decided to do an equally ridiculous photoshop job of the photo. In the background you can see an E30 M3 on a trailer.  The M3 looks to be […]